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One of the most important sections of forestry id silviculture. Silviculture based on experience of many foresters' generations and two hundred years old forest science, nowadays is the basis of modern forestry. Within the range of its actions concerning silviculture, there are included such issues as: seeding, nursery, renovations and afforestation, cultivation of the forest and others.

Thebasic task of silviculture is preservation of existing forests (renewal), as well creating new ones (afforestation). In the Forest District Lubsko, there are piloted the renewals on area of 305 hectares (on average per year).  Where arose gaps and thinning, no matter what the causes were, there are seeded additional tree saplings, as well as corrections and supplementing within the area of about 50 hectares.

For growing 100-year old pine forest , it is necessary to have got the strength as many as four generations of foresters.
The forest, if it hadn't come into existence naturally, then it would be planted by the foresters. The saplings are cultivated in tree sapling nurseries. The Forest District Lubsko has got the Tree Nursery Marianka in its district, which makes sapling material for the renewals purposes, as well as for farmers foresting their lands within the Rural Development Programme (Polish abbreviation PROW) and individual clients.

The tree nursery covers the production area of 9,67 hectares and consists of 4 plots divided by shelter belts. Annual production numbers about 3000 thousand pieces of saplings. There are mainly forest-forming species such as: pine, spruce, larch, breech, as well as admixed species: tilia, sycamore maple, hornbeam, and biocoenotic species, namely: sorbus, hawthorn, prunus, blackthorn and grey alder.

Young forest stands are submitted to nursing and prevention treatments. They are to create the best conditions for trees' growth. Forest cultivation (especially weeds mowing) in the Forest District Lubsko is done within 358 hectares. Other actions include pre- commercial treatments, that are timber stand improvements executed on the area of 279 ha, andcommercial treatments,that are forestry operations like stand cleaning or weeding executed on 329 ha (all data – annual average).

Within about 2 hectares every year, there are planted bushes and tree saplings in the lower part of the forest – in the underwood. On about 280 hectares, there are carried out agronomical land improvements, that are works connected with nursing of forest soil and its professional preparation to the forest renewal.

Seeds necessary to saplings production are collected in so called "seeds forest stands". Seed basis of the Forest District Lubsko constitute home seeds forest stands for: pine English oak, breech, alder, hornbeam, sycamore maple, fraxinus. The seeds of other species are bought or obtained from the neighbouring forest districts.

There also established special cultivations for pine. These cultivations will allow to gain seeds of improves genetic value in the future.