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Forest is a good, that is passed on to subsequent generations, but only in the view of its usage. That means, that collecting lumber, resin, forest fruits, mushrooms and other forest resources from the forest should be done in such a way to let the forest last forever and serve properly to the next generations. The foresters manage forests in the way ensuring them their sustainability and possibility of biological reconstruction.

The quantity of wood to be obtainedis defined in the Forest Management Plan, which is prepared for each forest district every 10 years. It ensures logging within the bounds not only not exceeding the forest production possibilities, but also systematically increasing wood supplies remaining in the forests, so called "standing timber".

The quantity of wood logging is determined by so called Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) covered in each forest management plan. It is the timber quantity possible to cut off in certain forest stands on the specified forest area within 10 years, that  the given forest management plan covers. Thanks to the fact, that the cut is lower than the stand increment during the same period of time, there takes place the constant  growth of "standing timber" (in Poland there is obtained about 55 % of the stand increment).

Average annual allowable cut (quantity) of logging in the Forest District Lubsko equals about 117,2 thousand of cubic meters of large timber (that is round wood with its diameter in the thinner end  raising from 7 cm up), including:                          

  • post - felling use, that is cutting and felling mature forest stands  - 54,00 thousand of large timber annually,
  • pre – felling use, that is wood logging derived from nursery treatments in younger  forest stands – 63,00 thousand of large timber annually.    

Post - felling use takes place with the use of  clear felling   ( 201 ha / year on average) and group, selection or strip fellings.

Logging wood with the harvesters, which are multifunctional forest machines - so called „forestry harvester" is getting more and more popular nowadays.

There is implemented a short wood harvesting method  with the use of specialised heavy type equipment, such as forwarder and timbejack. The short wood harvesting method is based on logging properly cut wood according to the customer needs.

During works connected with the wood logging, there must be used biodegradable oils (of vegetable origin), what means that it decomposes fast and doesn't pollute the environment.