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Forest Promotion Complex "Bory Lubuskie (Lubusz Forests)" was founded on 19th December 1994 by the Director – General of the State Forests within the area of the Forest District Lubsko. LKP " Bory Lubuskie" is one the oldest forest promotion complex in Poland.

The forest promotion complex  is big, possibly close forest area belonging to one or several forest districts, created  due to ecological promotion and multifunctional forest economy.

Forest promotion complexes reconcile economic targets with targets of active ecosystems protection, propagate environmentally friendly technologies and finally  promote scientific studies.

  1. Basic foresters' tasks within LKP "Bory Lubuskie" programme are the following:
  2. Restoring natural changeability in forest ecosystems functioning.
  3. Reconstruction of degraded  and destroyed natural complexes by means of silviculture and forest protection.
  4. Biological diversity protection.
  5. Strengthening positive forest influence on natural environment  and socio – economic development of the region through rational use, renewal and increasing of forest resources.
  6. Education on nature and forestry of society.

The above mentioned conditions decide about taking particular actions by the foresters:

  • There was carried out the recognition of soils, forest habitats and natural values of the area of LKP "Bory Lubuskie".
  • There are realised: the programme of forest stand restoration ( to make their species composition of a tree stand consistent with the forest habitat), small water retention programme and other programmes of active nature preservation programmes.
  • There was appointed the Social and Scientific Council, composed of local government  and local media representatives, as well as representatives of scientific world and educators.
  • In 1998, there was established the Centre of Forest Natural Education in Jeziory Wysokie.

LKP "Bory Lubuskie" was for Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra a weapon evaluation centre serving the implementation of changes in important technologies items of forest works. That is why, it was necessary to stop burning out benches in the felling sites, replace its activities with mechanic grinding and use oils of vegetable origin instead of mineral oils for sawing machines. After the period of tests, innovations were introduced in order to be applied in all Zielona Góra Forest Districts. It won recognition of the Minister for the Environment and in 2001 RDLP (Regional Directorate of the State Forests) was distinguished in the "Polish Ecology Leader" contest.