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The Forest District Lubsko are included to the I (first) category of fire hazard, because it characterises with great flammability.

Fire is the greatest disaster for the forest. There are left not only burned down trees, but also the whole existing world of the creatures creating  this such complicated biological system.  There is burned very precious humus, that guarantee luxuriant life in the forest.

Main reasons of forest fires are as follows:
• fire-raisings
• throwing away not extinguished stubs
• firebones lightening
• burning grass and uncultivated lands

The greatest forest fires in the Forest District Lubsko:
• 1976 r. - 633 ha
• 1982 r. - 1.162 ha
• 1983 r. - 194 ha
• 1992 r. - 599 ha

Organization of fire protection in the Forest District Lubsko:

The supervision over fire protection in the Forest District maintains the Deputy District Forest Manager. The Fire Safety Officer of Forestry Service (SL) is subjected to the  Deputy District Forest Manager, and is responsible for the proper functioning of fire protection in the Forest District. The Fire Safety Officer supervises the following:

  • Duty Officers in the Ranger's Alert and Disposition Post (PAD) in the Forest District headquarter,
  • The Driver of the reconnaissance and fire - fighting car and the Plenipotentiary of the District Forest Manger.

The forest fire. Fot. Paweł Mrowiński



  • PAD - Ranger's Alert and Disposition Post in the Forest District headquarter,
  • 5 Fire towers,
  • Land Roverreconnaissance and fire - fighting car ,
  • operation landing area in the village  Marianka,
  • 52 open water accesses , each of quantity at  least  50 thousand litters ( 31of natural water courses, 21 – artificial; water reservoirs),
  • water cart tractor with its quantity of 4,5 thousand  litters of water, adapted to fire extinguishing and putting the burned area  out,
  • the centre of equipment in the Forest District Jasień (main) and in  Marianka (supporting). 

Every year the foresters of the Forest District Lubsko carry out the educational action "Spring without flames".

In spring, in schools belonging to the Forest District Lubsko, there take place classes with the forester, of which aim is  to make people conscious about the importance of forests for the natural environment and human's life , as well as risks, that  the forest fire can cause. For children and teenagers, there is organised art contest, which idea is to call their attention to the harmfulness of spring grass and uncultivated lands  burn out.