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Nature reserves

The aim of protection is the maintenance of the forest lowland ecosystem with the habitats of rare plant and animal species.

Landscape parks

Landscape park is the area treated with protection due to special natural environment values and very attractive historical and cultural characteristics. The main aim of its formation is maintenance, popularisation and dissemination of these values in the rational management conditions.

Areas of protected landscapes

Areas of protected landscapes cover the areas, which are taken under protection, because of their outstanding, diversified landscape. They are very valuable due to touristic matters. They also perform a function of ecological corridors. Areas of protected landscapes cover 36,8% of the area in total within the range of the Forest District.

Natura 2000 areas

European Ecological Network Natura 2000 is a kind of system of areas connected one with each other by ecological corridors. These areas form together a coherent ecological network, of which basic task is prevention of biodiversity. It happens through protection of the most valuable and the most rare nature elements.

Natural monuments

Natural monuments are single formations of living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) nature or their clumping with their special environmental, scientific, cultural, historic or landscape value and characterizing with individual features distinguishing them among other creatures, f.ex. monumental trees.

Ecological sites

Ecological sites are the Romains of ecosystems that deserve protection and are of great importance for maintenance of biological diversity, f. ex. mid-forest water ponds, swamps, mosses and sites of rare plant, animal and mushroom species.

Nature and landscape complex

Nature and landscape complex is marked out in order to protect exceptionally valuable pieces of natural and cultural landscape, to sustain its nature, cultural and esthetical values.

Species protection

Species protection is connected with the most valuable, unique and rare representatives of fauna and flora. In Poland there are 584 plant species, 90 mushroom species and 732 animal species taken under strict protection. 65% of wild fauna and flora species in Poland constitute forest species.