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Myrica gale is here the issue of legal protection.

The nature reserve is the part of great area of swamps integrated in the inland dunes landscape, in the greater part grown over with coniferous forests.

In the area of the nature forest, there is the southernmost  site of myrica gale species,  whose close range in Poland is only restricted to coastal zone.

Myrica gale is taken under total protection and is put on the National Red List as species threatened with extinction outside the borders of close range.

Within the range of the nature reserve myrica gale creates  its own plant community (Myricetum galis) and in the shape of small clumps, it retained in spruces and pines plantings, covering there its initial habitat.


Myrica gale. Fot. Paweł Mrowiński


Myrica gale is a wide-branching shrub  with its height ranging from 0,5 to 2,5 m. The whole plant gives off aromatic smell. Polish name "woskownica" origins from golden-coloured wax covering the fruit from inside (small nuts).

Moreover, here were also found other species of plants from the National Red List, namely: wood fern (dryopeteris), sharp-flowered rush, marsh gentian.

Date and legal act taking the nature reserve under protection: Regulation no. 58/2012 the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gorzów WLKP, dated December 16, 2012.

Protected area: 9,53 ha, buffer zone  25,33 ha.