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The forests of the Forest District Lubsko are located within the area of Lubusz Province, in the following districts: 1) Żary District, in such communes as: Lubsko Commune, Brody Commune, Jasień Commune, Żary Commune, Tuplice Commune, Lipinki Łużyckie Commune, Trzebiel Commune; 2) Krosno District, in Gubin Commune.

The area of territorial range of the Forest District Lubsko equals 54.521 ha, while the overall area of the Forest District is 32.247,52 ha, however its forestation is 57,7 %

The Forest District Lubsko consists of three sub-districts: Brody (12.780,15 ha), Jasień (9.970,21 ha)  and  Lubsko  (9.497,16 ha).

Forest   management  in  State  Forests is based on the Forest Management Plans, also called Forest Arrangement Plans created for the Forest District once per 10 years.  They  are prepared  for  the  State Forests by specialised units, among others by the Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy  (BULiGL).

Before preparing the Forest Management Plan the foresters make very precise inventory of forest resources and assess their condition.
Current Forest Management Plan was done for the Forest District Lubsko for the period of time from01.01.2009  to  31.12.2018 , on the basis  of  the forest condition  on  01.01.2009. The Forest Management Plan for the Forest District currently in force, can be found in Public Information Bulletin.