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Ecological sites are the Romains of ecosystems that deserve protection and are of great importance for maintenance of biological diversity, f. ex. mid-forest water ponds, swamps, mosses and sites of rare plant, animal and mushroom species.

Within the area of the Forest District Lubsko, there are 17 ecological sites.

Ecological sites within the area of the Forest District Lubsko the most often are fragments of water and mud ecosystems. The most interesting from among mentioned above are  fens and poor fens with rare plant species.

The most valuable ecological site is Ruskie stawy" (Russian Ponds) with its area of 27,15 ha.

We can find there, among others, sites: shores or dried bottoms of water reservoirs with their valuable plant communities, poor fens and moors, beak-rush marshes, low PH fens and calcareous fens. There are alo refugia and feeding grounds of rare and protected birds species, among others common snipe, crane, northern lapwing and white –tailed eagle, and European fire-bellied toad and northern crested newt.

Environmental and landscape values of discussed area award  it high scientific rank (Rosadziński, 2008).