Wydawca treści Wydawca treści


Areas of protected landscapes cover the areas, which are taken under protection, because of their outstanding, diversified landscape. They are very valuable due to touristic matters. They also perform a function of ecological corridors. Areas of protected landscapes cover 36,8% of the area in total within the range of the Forest District.

Through the lands administrated by the Forest District Lubsko, there run three borders of areas of protected landscapes:

  1. Neisse Valley (Dolina Nysy)– within the area of Brody and Gubin Communes, with the area of 1.043 ha.
  2. Western areas of Lubsko– within communes: Brody, Gubin, Lipinki Łużyckie, Lubsko, Tuplice with the area of 16.640 ha.
  3. Eastern areas of Lubsko– within communes: Lubsko, Jasień i Żary with the area of 2.425 ha.

In force are here: intensive protection of  water, soils and air clearness, and supervision of natural environment protection functions. This form of natural environment protection do not introduce any limits in lands use, but only exclude activities that can be somehow harmful to natural environment.