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Nature and landscape complex is marked out in order to protect exceptionally valuable pieces of natural and cultural landscape, to sustain its nature, cultural and esthetical values.

Nature and landscape complexes  are classified as object – oriented, that is individual forms of nature preservation. All the activities within the area being under protection are regulated with the project of area development plan, which will take into account demands of naturalists and historians. It is not excluded to run a business on the condition, it won't cause the lose of protected values.

At the request of The forest District Lubsko the Commune Council  Brody, in November 29, 2012, passed resolution on the  Nature and Landscape Complex "Wąwozy " (Gullies) formation.

The Nature and Landscape Complex "Wąwozy" covers the area of 64,35 ha in Brody commune ( the Forest District lubsko, the Forest Rangers Area Jeziory Dolne) entirely managed by the State Forests. Within the area of Complex, there is located the  part of pre – war park with family Brühl palace and park establishment, which distinguishes with its precious culture, nature and landscape values.

The Nature and Landscape Complex "Wąwozy" belongs to the area of Natura 2000 " Jeziora Brodzkie"  (Brodzkie Lakes) (PLH 080052).

Within the area of the Complex there is a forest educational trial "Na Wąwozach" and hiking paths, including a Nordic – walking path.